1. Chosen

From the recording Chosen


(M. Turner, C. Moss)

Somebody out there is burdened
Somebody out there is wondering what’s going on
Will I make it through this heartache?
When I’m doing the best I can, don’t understand that God has a plan
Oh yes he does

Don’cha you know that you are chosen
It’s only just a test of faith
Believe and he’ll see you through
Don’cha you know that you are chosen
To be his son
To be his own
You’re not alone

Somebody out there is troubled
And somebody out there is lost and they cant find their way
Can’t seem to find the faith to trust him
Just surrender to his will
He will reveal the blessing he has for you

Chorus: (same)

Just think about your worst times gone by
Did you ever stop to wonder, how did you make it through?
Cause it’s God who fights all your battles for you
Surrender to his will and he will reveal the blessings he has for you.

Chorus: (same)

If there’s a fight
In front of you
The battle he’ll see you through
You’re Chosen